Social designer, entrepreneur, aspiring chef


Prototyper. Culture Creator. Taco Aficionado.

 Photo Credit:  Will Bee

Photo Credit: Will Bee


Hi, I'm Geronimo!

I'm a product designer and social entrepreneur with a strong background in human-centered design.

I connect the dots between human needs and business objectives. My focus is to create positive impact and meaningful experiences between people and the products they use.

Iโ€™ve conducted multiple design projects in emerging and mature markets and developed products and services in sectors ranging from health, fitness, finance, food, agriculture, and education. 

I worked and lived in Europe, East Africa, Central and North America. Iโ€™m currently based in San Francisco.

Let's grab tacos by the beach and talk impact!

Here are a few things I do well:

 Immersive research in Kenya

Immersive research in Kenya


Through a deep curiosity and passion for people, I love discovering latent needs of target users. I use a variety of design research methods to help me translate research into actionable insights and opportunities. 

 Persona development

Persona development


From physical products to software applications or systems, I've worked on a number of design projects to solve big hairy problems. Through collaboration with stakeholders, I brainstorm, prototype, and iterate my way to sustainable solutions.

 Coaching my Design Your Life workshop

Coaching my Design Your Life workshop


I'm a firm believer that great design requires inspiration and collaboration across a diverse range of perspectives. Whether it's leading a design sprint or rapid prototyping session, I love helping cross-functional teams get into the mindset of a designer.

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